Year 6 Headmaster’s Project

Since January, Year 6 have used a dedicated 30 minute lesson each week to develop an idea and create an artefact for the Headmaster’s Project. Creativity, organisation and design development is something we feel is important in a child’s development. Creating time in a busy week to develop an idea has been highly successful over the last three years and this year is no different. The pupils could choose any idea, concept or interest that they wished and develop it over the Lent and Summer Term.

 The Headmaster’s Project is an opportunity for Year 6 Pupils to create a piece of work on anything which is of interest to them. The aim of the project is for pupils to develop new skills which will be invaluable throughout their education;

  • Self-regulation
  • Organisation
  • Research
  • Development
  • Presentation
  • Self-reflection

Each pupil was tasked to:

  1. Create a project in the form of an artefact or an essay
  2. Have their work evaluated by a member of Senior Management
  3. Complete a log book reflecting upon their learning journey
  4. Present their learning journey and artefact/essay at the Headmaster’s Project Review.

Points to Note:

  • Pupils should be working on their project throughout the term both in designated Headmaster’s Project lessons (Saturday morning) and during their own time with a minimum of 30 minutes per week spent on their artefact. This should not however impact on the normal curriculum time of pupils.
  • The completion of the log book is an essential part of the project. Reflection and organisation of time are important skills in this project.
  • The purpose of the Headmaster’s Project is to develop new skills. Artefacts/essays must not simply demonstrate existing interests and skills. Pupils must clearly justify in their project proposal which new skills they wish to develop and record the progress of skill development in their project log.
  • Pupils wishing to work in and use resources from the Art/Design Technology departments must have received permission from either the Head of Art/Head of D.T. prior to submitting their project proposal.
  • The Headmaster’s project display day will take place on Sports Day at the end of the summer term. Parents and staff will be able to see the projects on display and the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Prizes will be announced.
  • Power Point presentations are not allowed as an artefact.


The Chair of Governors, Mr James Sunley, kindly agreed to judge the Project.  It was such an incredible crop of projects and choosing the top thee was a hard choice. The prizes were presented on Sports Day.


Sebastian B – ‘D-Day Landings Omaha Beach’ model

2nd Place

Tilly L – ‘A New Relationship with the Sea’ banner

3rd Place

Ethan L – ‘Dinosaur Timescale’ model

Highly Commended

Mila T – ‘Wildlife Garden with website’

Kitty B – ‘Plastic Bottle Greenhouse’

Jacob G – ‘Wooden Garden Swing’

Maisie – ‘Jubilee Cushion’

Well done everyone for your hard work and creativity, we hope you enjoyed the challenge.  Thank you to Mr Pilkington for masterminding this year’s Project.