Year 6 Big Weekend

It’s been a rather wet and windy weekend here at Elstree but, as always, a busy one!  On Friday night we had our first Brew of the year with Year 6.  Mr and Mrs Hepburn invited the boys into their home for home-made cookies, rice crispy squares, popcorn and hot chocolate and then Mr Hepburn read the boys an old African story from Zimbabwe!

After the matches on Saturday all the Year 6s embarked upon their Big Weekend. Almost the whole year attended and the McMullen Hall was transformed into a catapult shooting range with photos of the teachers as targets.  Mr. Brown and Mr Prichard were the top targets worth 100 points! We then all braved the light drizzle for the bonfire and marshmallow roasting on long sticks, accompanied by warming hot chocolate before heading up to bed.

Sunday was wet again but the Elstree boys are made of stern stuff and we headed out to plantation for wide games and pancake making on the bottom of tin cans – ingenious! Huge thanks to Messrs Bell, Attwood, Champkin and of course our Gappers for all their hard work putting the weekend together.

Our full boarders have spent the rest of Sunday recharging their batteries and relaxing at school.  As well as lots of football outside they spent a very enjoyable couple of house making animals out of clay in the art room with Mrs. Syckelmore, and finished the day with watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!