Year 6 Big Weekend

The Year 6 Big Weekend started on the Saturday evening with plenty of action, excitement and amusement with the ‘Alternative Olympics’ – the boys were split into groups of 6 and competed in the 5 different events. The first event had the boys in the pool attempting to save a year 8 boarder stranded on a raft at the deep-end of the pool – seems simple enough, however they were only allowed to travel in the pool feet first!

The next event was a simple relay race down, and up, the water slide. The boys loved this event and went to all kinds of lengths to perfect their change overs and coached each other to the best sliding technique. The third event was in Plantation where the boys had to search for a hidden key to unlock and stop the stopwatch. It was then on to the athletics track for the ‘Welly Wang’ where the boys worked together to ‘Wang’ their welly the furthest.

The final event was some target practice with a catapult, this really captured the imagination of the boys and various techniques and tactics were used that really showed how creative this group of boys are. After the winning team, ‘The Cats’, was announced the boys went to bed for a good night’s rest.

The Sunday morning had the boys devour a feast of a full English breakfast before making their Father’s Day cards. There was then a little time for the boys to practise their Crazy Golf skills before their Dads arrived for the main competition. There was a big turnout for the first ever Crazy Golf Tournament at Elstree and good competition on the leader board. The Tuffnel’s achieved the crown of best Father and Son, and Henry won the individual boys prize with 5 hole-in-ones! All in all the boys were great value, and entered into the spirit of the weekend with boundless enthusiasm. Well done everyone.