Year 6 Big Weekend

A match lights and a fuse fizzes… Cue the Mission:Impossible techno remix. “Your mission, should you choose to accept it…” Escape from a top floor cell, slink past Gulag Colditz guards to find a hidden map, and make the evac point outside the McMullen dungeon exit.

The Year 6s enjoyed a sizzling two-stage revision of Escape from Colditz with indoor and outdoor rounds to beat the guards. Some boys employed such comedy stealth that, after leaving the dorm, they took a whole 3 minutes to go 15 meters without any guard torchlight being nearby… Clearly no risks were being taken! In stage 2, half the boys made it to the (minibus) airship, using their hidden maps to reveal guard locations found in stage 1. Any who were shot…returned to the dungeon for some hot chocolate and kitkats. Quite the reward!

On Sunday morning the boys added valuable time to their play rehearsal for Fantastic Mr Fox, while in the afternoon we got away to some local woods for 40-40 and a coke at the Pot Kiln. A fun and rewarding weekend!