Year 6 Big Weekend

The theme for the Year 6 Big Weekend was Wet Wacky and Wild. Saturday evening started off with pizza and donuts followed by a trip down to the school lake.

At the lake, everyone was split into six groups. The task was to create a boat out of cardboard and duct tape that could hold two people. Each team took turns coming to collect their tape and cardboard and then the designing began – we had everything from rafts to high-sided boats. Once all the boats were finished, each team took turns to see if their boat would float and if it could hold their chosen sailors. Hilarity ensued as different teams took to the water, some boats sinking instantly and others holding up slightly longer.  A couple of teams managed to swim their boats out to Mr Williams and back. Then it was time to tidy up and head back in for showers and night cap.

Sunday morning saw a few tired faces, but everyone all perked up after a lovely full English breakfast. After packing bags and making beds, it was time for Zorb football. All the Year 6 pupils took turns battling it out on the football pitch while encased in Zorb balls. At times the football was completely forgotten, and they all took great delight in knocking each other flying by crashing the Zorb balls into each other. All too quickly midday rolled around and parents’ cars were appearing on the drive. Everyone headed up to school, grabbed their bags and headed home for a well-deserved nap or to complete in the Triathlon at Bradfield.

What did the children think?

Josh S – Trying to make boats from cardboard was hilarious 

Alfie B – The Zorb football was so much fun, especially when you ran straight at each other

James M – Knocking each other with zorbs and jumping in the lake was such fun! 

Seira H – Making boats from cardboard was hard, but they almost worked

Kweiji S – It was fun to make the boats and see how well the other teams did – my favourite part was jumping in the lake