Year 6 Big Activity Weekend

No quarter was asked or given during the great Year 6 Big Weekend water fight. Skirmishes broke out as soon as the boys said good bye to Summer Fields, with hostilities only breaking off because of the attractions offered by a campfire: marshmallows, hot chocolate and S’Mores  (an Aussie import of toasted marshmallows sandwiched between two biscuits). There was time for a couple of games of Giant Spotlight before the boys collapsed into bed, dreaming of their strategy for the next battle.

Next morning, fortified by a Full English, the two sides huddled in different parts of the school. The targets were VIPs Oscar P and Archie S.  The mission was clear, tactics agreed and weapons checked and ready. In the ensuing carnage it wasn’t clear which side was on top as many scores were being settled, particularly with the Housemaster. With one VIP rushed to safety after suffering a minor drenching and the other taken prisoner, it was probably a score draw, but it didn’t matter, it was fantastic fun. The boys then wound down the weekend with the maiden outing of the ever popular water slide. A fantastic weekend.