Year 5 Trip to Warwick Castle

The Year 5 trip to Warwick Castle this year was another busy affair with plenty for the boys to experience. The wet conditions did nothing to dampen the enthusiasm of the 28 invaders as they tried their hardest to find ways to conquer the castle. Even the dark, cramped conditions of the Gaol and the ‘oubliette’ did not put them off.  

Watching the trebuchet fire certainly gave them all the sense of awe of medieval war machines. The moat was clambered and the maze was safely negotiated before lunch could be taken. A good clamber up the towers and along the battlements showed what life was like from the safer side of the castle walls.

The final highlight of the day was the sword fighting lesson, in which the young Pages were put through their paces on how to best attack an opponent with their wooden blades. Hopefully techniques were not copied in their own castles!  A great day out full of very useful and enjoyable experiences for all.