Year 5 Trip to Warwick Castle

On a cloudy but warm day Year 5 set off with great excitement to Warwick Castle. After a bit of fun and games with traffic on the A34 we arrived at the Castle and the children were all in awe of the size of the castle.  First we ventured back in time in the Time Tower and learnt this amazing history of Warwick Castle.  We then  scaled the original motte to magnificent views and a clear understanding of why this site was perfect. From there we could see the huge trebuchet on the ground below, despite not seeing it in action the sheer size of the machine was jaw-dropping. As we ate our lunch we watched an astonishing birds of prey show – owls, eagles and Andean condors to name a few. 

After lunch we had a guided tour from Mr Wyatt who showed us the portcullis and pointed out where the ‘murder holes’ were and how, if we became trapped, we’d have hot sand and all sorts poured on us, followed by a flurry of arrows to finish us off. Then it was off to the Gaol deep down in the dungeons, chains remained and the sobering ‘oubliette’ where prisoners were literally forgotten about.

 We then had a bit of time to explore the main hall and have a look at the suits of amour that they used to wear- some weighing over 25 pounds! This was followed by a sword workshop just off the great hall. All the children were shown the styles of defence used in battles and had to form ranks to discover the best way to survive. Before heading home those who felt brave climbed to the top of the narrow castle turrets and along the castle walls.

It was a fantastic trip and great fun was had by all.