Year 5 throw themselves into their WW1 History Project

Year 5 literally threw themselves into Mr Wyatt’s History Project on Saturday.  The objective was to let pupils see what a WW1 trench would have looked like and the hard work involved to build and maintain it.

Digging a trench for Year 5’s History Project

Thanks to the skilled digging of one of our Groundsmen, and the hard graft of Year 5 and Head of DT Mr Duarte, Elstree now has an authentically waterlogged and muddy WW1 trench.

Wellie-ready, Year 5 marched their way down to the trench and worked together to fill over 100 sand bags. Afterwards, they carried duckboards to line the trench floor and make ladders for going over the top.

Experiencing life below ground level, gave them an understanding of some of the dangers soldiers faced,including simply popping their head above the parapet. Then, once the whistle was blown, they practised ‘going over the top’.  

Mr Wyatt said: “Experiencing what trench-life was like, has enabled Year 5 to share their thoughts on that era of history, including things like waiting to go up the ladder.”

What did some of Year 5’s parents have to say about their real-life History Project?

Isla’s mother:”‘Isla absolutely loved it! She couldn’t wait to tell her grandparents all about it on Facetime.”

Tom’s mother: “He said it was, without doubt, one of his best days of school ever.”

Learning History at Elstree

Elstree prides itself on providing as many real-life experiences of historical events as possible. As pupils submerge themselves in the past, they are taught to draw historical parallels with modern day life.