Year 5 showcase their musical skills at an Informal Concert

How wonderful to be able to enjoy live music again, which we have missed so much. Year 5 showcased their musical skills during a fantastic Informal Concert in the beautiful and resonant Long Room.  What a start to open our summer series.

Year 5 Informal Music Concert

The programme ranged from a glowing drum sticks solo to the rousing choir’s rendition of Wellerman‘s sea shanty.  We were shown just what a talented and enthusiastic bunch of musicians these young pupils are.

We had gentle tones from the cellos, invigorating arrangements from the violin and viola, an evocative song from Harry, exuberant drum solos in addition to some dazzling piano playing including Beethoven’s Bagatelle from James.

In conclusion, a great start to the term’s music-making!

Live music at Elstree

Music is an important part of Elstree life both within and outside the curriculum. Aside from the year group informal concerts,  there are four choirs, and a variety of orchestras and ensembles to perform with. As many as 85% of our pupils learn an instrument, with some learning two.

What is an informal music concert?

Informal concerts at Elstree are held for each year group, every term. Held in the Long Room, they are an opportunity for pupils to play or sing a piece of music they have learnt in front of a small, friendly and supportive audience.