Year 5 Lecture ‘The Jewish Way of Life’

Before half term, the Year 5 boys were given a lecture on ‘The Jewish Way of Life’ by Mr Zvi Solomons.

‘The date was Friday 8th February.   We had a very special visitor, a Jewish Rabbi. I learnt lots of amazing facts, for example, they have to keep 613 commandments! This fact really surprised me. They don’t worship Christmas and Easter. The Rabbi could read Hebrew which is really cool. He read us a bit from a Torah. He sang, almost chanted it. I really loved his visit.’


‘On Friday 8th February, we had a Rabbi talk to us about how the Jewish religion works and what they do. He told us on Sundays they don’t work, drive their cars or use any devices. At the end he gave us some bread and grape juice. We also go to try on a Kippah.  Learning about Judaism was very fun!’


‘When the Rabbi came to Elstree, it was really fun.  I enjoyed him chanting a script of the Torah. He taught us about the Jewish food laws, Kosher or Teiglin and about his way of life.’


‘It was really fun and I learnt a lot. I liked when the Rabbi showed what the alphabet looked like.  We got to try Challah –  it is really tasty bread.’