Year 5 Informal Concert

The current Elstree Year 5 are a lively lot and this was clearly demonstrated during the Year 5 Informal Concert in the Long Room after lunch.  Each piece was played with a jaunty vigour that meant that there was no dozing off among those teachers present, replete as they were with fish and chips from Friday lunch!  The opening item, ‘May It Be’, was sung by the combined Year 5 and Year 6 Choir and showed what a harmonious and able group of singers they are; they also have bite, as was demonstrated in their second piece, ‘While the Tanks Roll By’, which had a martial rhythm and sweeping contrasts in mood and volume.

Then we listened to the solo items, and over half the boys in Year 5 performed. With so many players, space prevents a comment on every one, but there were a number of highlights that stood out in particular. The first soloist was Jack who played ‘Prelude’ thoughtfully on the piano, demonstrating that he has already mastered the sustaining pedal. Basile performed ‘The Little Drummer Boy’ on the bassoon, contrasting the mildly mournful mood of the bassoon with the jaunty rhythm of that famous tune.  Arthur  sang ‘Three Little Birds’, while accompanying himself on the guitar, with a suitably Bob Marley-esque laid-back air. After a swift dash out of the Long Room to find his music, Arthur played ‘Cinderella’s Waltz’ with a lovely legato, before finishing his second piece, ‘Saturday Morning’ with two delightful pizzicato notes. Harry took the tempo up a bit with his performance of ‘Gospel Flair’ on the piano, and then Shi Hun had every foot tapping with his own composition of ‘Multi-Funk’ played on the drums; it was a suitable end to quite a lively concert at the end of what has been a particularly busy week for Year 5.