Year 5 French Trip

On Sunday morning, we left England to go to France on a coach and by ferry. We arrived at the Chateau late at night and we had “chocolat chaud”. The following day we had a French breakfast with “pain au chocolat, pain, confiture…” It was delicious!

Then we got into our groups and went off to our first activity which was rafting for me and it was the best time ever.  In the afternoon, we did climbing with a little competition. I felt excited hearing lots of French speaking, as I realised I understood most of it.

The next day, we went on a trip to Pegasus Bridge. I really loved looking at the artefacts in the museum and we had a very good explanation about the D-Day landings. After a picnic, we went to see the Bayeux tapestry which was amazing as it was very big. We had another day with lots activities which was really, really fun.

On our last day, we went to the Dinan Market where we got to buy our own food for a French style picnic. I loved it because I felt independent. We then went to Mont Saint Michel for a visit. It was massive when we got inside. I liked being able to spend some euros in shops too. It was the best school trip I have ever had because it was fun, nice and hot for most of our stay and we learnt lots of French too. I now feel more confident speaking in French.

 Charlie Axtell

“I found out that I could understand a lot more than I thought I would.”  Peter Compton-Burnett.

“I really enjoyed the Year 5 French trip because we did lots of activities at the Chateau and visited lots of interesting historical places. My favourite activity was the assault course because we got really muddy and we were learning lots French.”  Hamish McKendrick.

“It was really great because I loved the Mont Saint Michel and I liked the activities and learning more French. I feel more confident about asking things in French now.” Charlie Baxter.

“My favourite from the French trip was rafting building and sailing as well as the archery because it was my first experience. The chateau ways of teaching are very motivating and if you get it wrong they show you.” Nicolas Hodson

“I thought it was really fun with the activities, the best fun I have had in a long time. Everyone enjoyed themselves, the beds were really comfy and we all tried our hardest in everything and the food was the best ever!” Oliver Worthington.

“The activities were really fun and I got 700 points in archery. I think I improved in French and the French trip was really fun.” Theo Smith.

“My favourite activity was archery. I loved going to Mont Saint Michel as we got shop using French and euros, and I liked learning about the Cathedral.” Oscar Brown.