Year 5 French Trip

On Sunday morning, we left England for Normandy in France on a coach and by ferry. Upon arrival at the Château, we enjoyed ‘un chocolat chaud’ and ‘une Madeleine’. The following day we had a French breakfast with ‘un pain au chocolat, du pain, de la confiture and much more…’  It was delicious!

Then we got into our groups and went off to our first activity which was either rafting, archery and French, climbing or assault course, we were all so very excited to get going. In the afternoon, we swapped activities. We were already on-board with the French language as we quickly realized how much we could understand.  In the evening we were treated to French songs around a campfire with gooey marshmallow on sticks, this was very special and fun too.

The following day, we went on a trip to Villedieu market, where we were able to use even more French to order food for our French ‘pique-nique’, it was wonderful to speak to people in shops and at the stalls. It was lovely to use French and be more independent.  We enjoyed our French style picnic opposite a field of sheep bred for their salty meat and we then headed off to Mont St Michel which was a highlight for many of us.  We enjoyed a guided visit of the walls and we were told about a few legends, and we finished with spending some euros in the shopping street.  In the evening, we ate at a Crêperie restaurant which was fabulous and grand as we consumed 2 crêpes, a savoury one and a sweet one. On day 4, we continued our activities under a beautiful sunshine, we were all eager to learn more new skills and to speak more French too.  That evening, we dressed up French style for a French soirée and to taste “escargots” with garlic and parsley sauce, we loved them so much we ran out very quickly!

On day 5, we went out on excursions to a goat farm to learn about cheese making, we loved the fact the farmer respected his goats and the season to produce the delicious cheese. We learnt a lot about the animal and we were able to feed them and brush them.  One of us even milked one.  We could not wait to taste the cheese, it was yummy!  After our picnic, we went to the D Day museum which was amazing, we really loved looking at the artefacts in the museum and we had a very good explanation about the D-Day landings, the panoramic view was fascinating as you could still sea blocks of concrete in the sea that protected the harbour from attacks. On the last evening, we enjoyed a Talent show, a few of us entered the competition and we supported each other – and we won a few prizes across the week, well done us!

The French trip has been memorable and very much fun. The weather was very kind to us so that we could make the most of the outdoor activities. We all learnt lots of French and we are feeling a lot more confident in following instructions in French and Speaking.

Year 5 SLA & LAB