The Year 5 French Trip.

The boys have experienced the most fabulous week in Normandy; not only did they sample French culture and food, but they also enjoyed a number of excursions and activities. Activities such as climbing, archery, rafting and assault course were certainly a highlight amongst all the boys.

They enjoyed speaking in French at the Château and got a lot more confident by the day. We had a guided visit The Mont St Michel and spent some euros on souvenirs. We practised our French at a local market to buy the content of our lunch “je voudrais du saucisson s’il vous plaît”.

We also went to a goat farm where we fed, stroked, brushed and milked the goats. In addition, we visited the D-Day Landing museum which included a guided visit; we were truly fascinated by all the models recreating such a historical event! On our final day we saw the famous Bayeux tapestry, our audio phone narrated us the story! It’s an amazing 70 metres long!


“It was fun because I liked all the activities we did. My two favourite activities were archery and the assault course. I loved the excursions and The Mont St Michel in particular. The food was tasty and I ate one snail, I am now more confident with speaking French.”  Ollie Jones

“It was fun and I really liked the assault course as I got to get very muddy! The climbing activity was very good too! The staff at the chateau were nice and very helpful. I feel a little bit more confident in French. I ate snails for the first time and they was tasty!”  JJ Ruane

“It was really fun because I got to do activities I have never done before. My favourite two activities were archery and climbing. I enjoyed very much eating snails, I ate 10 of them in garlic and parsley sauce. I liked spending time with my friends and I felt independent.”  Tom Inglis

“The trip was really fun and the Mont St Michel was very nice. The chateau was very pretty, the food was great and the dorms were nice and cosy. I enjoyed the assault course a lot as we got very muddy.”  Henry Woolfenden

“The trip was nice and the staff were kind. I found the food delicious. It was fun to get muddy at the assault course. I had great fun at the goat farm, we got to brush the goat and we tried their cheese.”  Jack Wills

“The chateau staff was friendly and the food was good. We enjoyed very good activities and visits such as The Mont St Michel because we spent money. The goat farm was a highlight!”  Taylor Long

“The trip helped everyone to get to know each other and it is a good boarding experience. My highlight was the climbing as I don’t get to do it at school. The talent show was very fun and the competition against other schools too. I feel more confident about speaking in French.”  Jack Seaborne

“I thought the best part was to go to The Mont St Michel and the market to order my food. I enjoyed the D Day landing museum with the little role play die-cast models.”  Louis Benyon

“It was good because we did a lot of different activities and fit so much in 5 days. I liked visiting a market and buying my lunch in French. I really enjoyed archery as it is different to what we do at school. I learnt quite a few sentences and I now feel more confident in speaking in French.”  William Bolton