Year 5-8 Team Building 2018

Year Five had a terrific morning filled with exciting activities, requiring the year group to show off their skills of teamwork, patience, support and communication. The first challenge consisted of the team selection and three symbols chosen to illustrate their team mantra. This included choices such as electricity to ‘shock with success’ and wind to ‘blow away the competition’. We were also treated to a number of team jingles and well-choreographed dance moves which was thoroughly enjoyed by all and set the tone for the rest of the morning!

Each team were able to achieve a maximum of 5 points in each activity, which ranged from reciting numbers in French as they jumped through tyres, completing a team obstacle race on the low ropes, creating geometric shapes out of string and most boys’ favourite, racing in a water-cup relay!

Throughout the morning the boys learnt that ‘you have to listen to each other if you want to succeed’ (William Anderson) and reflected that ‘the more you look after each other, the better your results because you’re working as a team’ (Toby van den Bergh), ‘cooperation and looking out for each other and not just yourself is the most important thing to remember’ (Edward Betts).

All in all a fabulous morning was had by all, jam packed with smiles, laughter and a lot of good fun.


The Year 8 boys were given the ‘Three Monkeys Challenge’. They were split into three groups of Monkeys; See no evil Monkeys; Hear no evil Monkeys; Speak no evil Monkeys.  They set about communicating with each other so the whole year group could perform some relatively nuanced tasks. This brought about a challenge, a lot of laughter (particularly for the staff) and a chance to work collaboratively as a team.  We took some time at the end for the boys to reflect on the event and they all learnt some new perspectives on teamwork and leadership; they also highlighted other boys who they felt performed very well and stood out as excellent team players.