Year 4 visit to the River & Rowing Museum

Last week Year 4 visited the River & Rowing Museum in Henly-on-Thames. The Museum has been closed for the last year for refurbishment and although it does not officially until next week, we were lucky enough to be one of the first schools allowed to visit before it does.

The purpose of our visit was to support the topic of rivers covered in Geography and habitats in Science.

Format for the day

We were welcomed by Maddy who told us about the format for the day. The first part of the morning was spent doing activities associated with the river: these included recognising features of a river, examining artefacts associated to the River Thames and Henley as well as how rivers and surrounding vegetation can help reduce flooding. A walk down the towpath to Marsh Lock followed where the children could see the features of the river as well as understand the habitats in and around the river as well as the type of animals who live in the.

After a well-earned lunch, we were given time to explore the ‘Henley’ and ‘Rowing’ galleries in the museum.

A great day was had by all.