Year 4 Victorian Morning

On the 19th March Year 4 had their Victorian day.  Everybody had to dress up, even the teachers.  We got to learn how strict the teachers were.  In  our lessons we had history, then Maths, then English, RS and finally Art. I n a Victorian classroom you had to sit up straight with your hands behind your back.   I think Year 4 should do  Victorian day every year, but watch out for Mr Pritchard!    George 

The Rev Prichard was the strictest teacher.  Maths with Mr Williams was hard. We learnt about pence and shilling.  We had to pay for our lesson.  The chalk was very hard to write with.  Art was fun because we did still life and we had to draw an apple with chalk.  In history, we learnt about the Crimean war with Mr Wyatt.  We read Oliver Twist with Mr Attwood in English. It was a good morning.  Alfie 

I learnt a lot from the Victorian Day.  It was strict and must have been quite frightening and scary  for children then.  My costume was quite posh and country style.  We had to write on chalk boards which was frustrating.  We had an art lesson before lunch where we learnt about still life. It was relaxed and peaceful.   Conrad 

It was fun when we did art and drew the apple.  When we had RS, Rev Prichard was very strict. There was a dunce hat. It was hard not to giggle when someone was wearing it.  It was weird sitting on your own. We wrote with chalk and used a chalk board.  The chalk kept snapping. I dressed up as a rich boy. I wore mostly tweed which was very scratchy.    Tolly 

On Tuesday we had a Victorian day We had a variety of teachers. They were very strict because Arthur yawned and Rev Prichard put the dunces hat on him.  I learned the 3 R’s – reading , writing and arithmetic. T here was something Mr Williams told us about the basket and if a group of people kept getting the answers wrong they would go into the basket and be winched off the floor and stay there for a long time.  My favourite teacher was Mrs Sykelmoore because she was not strict and we got to do still life in art.    Oscar .

I thoroughly enjoyed Victorian day.  It was FANTASTIC!  Everything was different. The walls were plain, and the teachers, well,  they were a different story.  They were super strict!  In History we had to repeat ‘Britain is Great’.  In Maths Mr Williams was wishing for a punishment basket,  and in English we had to write ‘Children should be seen and not heard’.   However, Reverend Prichard was the strictest. He even made me wear the dunces hat! And books, no. We had to use chalk and chalk boards. But in the end I absolutely loved the Victorian Day!   Arthur 

I really enjoyed learning about history with Mr Wyatt when the Crimean War was.  Rev Prichard was definitely the strictest teacher.  I quite liked doing Art but I had to leave sadly for a music lesson but we got to draw an apple and shade it in. Laurence