Year 4 Victorian Morning

On Tuesday morning the Year 4 children dressed up as children in the Victorian times and spent time experiencing what it would have been like in the classroom during that era!

‘On our Victorian day we used chalk and chalk boards to do our work. Rev Prichard taught us RS and was so strict and he made us sing the national anthem!  I loved art with Mrs Syckelmoore.  Maths was hard and we did the 7 time table. I am glad I am not a child in in Victorian Britain!  It must have been terrible for those children years ago.’    Sebastian

‘Today we had our Victorian school morning.  So the first thing we did was go down to the Long Room where Rev Prichard taught us RS.  He was really strict. He was so strict that he made Harry wear the dunces hat for getting a word wrong! After that we had history with Mr Wyatt when we learnt about the Crimean War and wrote on a chalkboard. Next we had art. We used ink pen and water which we smudged which made a really cool effect. Then it was break. The headmaster Mr Smith had a talk with us and then it was Maths.  Mr Williams taught us about pounds, shillings and pence and the seven times tables. It was a really good day.’   Sophie

‘Today we had a particularly different morning.  Harry had to wear the dunces hat and Tom got caned (pretend of course!). Mr Smith was the headmaster –  Mr Williams taught us maths and we learned about Victorian money and the 7x.  I never know about shillings before!  The headmaster checked our hands. Boys couldn’t play with girls at break time. We learned about the Crimean War with Mr Wyatt and we did pen ink and water art with Mrs Syckelmoore. It was a different day but I enjoyed it.’   Hugo