Year 4 Victorian Day

It was back to Victorian days for the Year 4 children yesterday! To round off their Historical study of Victorian times, the children were invited to come dressed up as Victorian children. During our lessons we had been discussing child labour and the social consequences of this practice and so there were chimney sweeps, maids, pick-pockets, street urchins and even bird scarers and rat catchers among the many outfits on show.

The Long Room at Elstree was transformed into a “ragged school” style classroom where various “strict” teachers took lessons in the three Rs – Reading, Writing and Arithmetic. The children had to follow strict Victorian rules like sitting on their hands to keep still, bowing and curtsying and working in absolute silence. Girls and boys were not allowed to play together and each child had to pay in a penny at the door to attend class. There was even a singing of “God Save the Queen” in honour of Queen Victoria’s birthday.

At the end of the day the children were delighted to be able to “return to modern times” and go outside and play rugby and football. However, there were lots of comments about how much fun it was and how much they had learnt. This was real “hands-on learning” and the classes will now be able to complete a comparison of “schools now and then” very effectively.