Year 4 Trip to SS Great Britain

Toby:  Yesterday Year 4 went on a trip to see the SS Great Britain.  It took two hours to get to the SS Great Britain.  We went into a room to do four activities, we wrote in an ink pen, we did shadow puppets and saw some Victorian games.  After that, we went on a tour around the ships –  there were only first and second class cabins.  Some of the manikins looked so realistic that I got spooked a little bit!  The ship was marvelous and fascinating.

Alex:  I really liked going to visit the SS Great Britain.  I liked seeing all the rot on the ship and seeing the propeller.  I liked hearing all the interesting facts about the 100m long ship. The most fascinating fact was that we could only make the propeller 3% better. You might think it is big but the cabins were tiny but I really liked the sound effects!  It was scary when we were right above the engine. My favourite activity was the ink writing –  I was messy.

Jack:  On the 8th March we went to Bristol to see the SS Great Britain by Brunel.  Inside there was a 1st class and 2nd class.  Before we went on the ship we did a workshop when we learned Victorian handwriting and played with Victorian toys. On the ship, there were cool war models of people. There were skylights to light up lower desks. In lots of the rooms it stunk!  1st class had a posh restaurant and 2nd class had a bar.

Mason:  Yesterday we went to Bristol –  it took two hours to get there!   At the start we did activities like animal and shadow puppets and after we went on a tour with our guide, Max.  On the boat there were many manikins, we then went under the ship and under the ship you could see lots of water above you.  The boat was called SS Great Britain and  was very big and had lots of decorations;  it  had some copper on it as well and it was black, red and white.