Year 4 trip back to Victorian times

Year 4 tripped back to the Victorian times this week as part of this term’s History project. Most pupils were dressed in attire worn during the era, including caps, pinafores and waistcoats. 

What was involved in the Victorian times’ morning?

The objective of the morning was for Year 4 to experience what it was like to attend school and be in a classroom around the mid 1800’s. 

After a swift hand inspection, a number of children payed one penny to attend school that day.

For their art lesson, chalk was used to draw still life, and naturally the three ‘Rs’ (Reading Writing & Arithmetic) were taught.

Stricter measures in Victorian times

During the morning, strict classroom rules were adhered to.  Every child had to sit on their hands and stand up if they wished to speak.

Unfortunately, one of the boys was found playing in the girl’s playground, which resulted in him (pretend) receiving three whips of the cane. (NB: THIS DID NOT ACTUALLY HAPPEN!)

The morning ended on a high with a lesson about the success of the great Bristish Empire.

Year 4 Form Tutor Mr Smith said:  “A fun morning was had by all, although I’m sure the children preferred being back in a modern day classroom!”

What did some of Year 4 have to say?

Valentina said: “It was nice to experience how Victorian children actually felt during their school day.”

Otis said: “It was fun dressing up and I enjoyed writing on chalk boards. The teachers were really strict!”

Eva said: “It was different to other school days. I understand how the Victorian children felt now. We have more space than them and a colourful classroom.”