Year 4 STEAM morning

The Year 4’s were treated to a fun filled STEAM morning within the Art Department this week.

The children worked in four groups to enable them to experience the four workstations at ease.

They experimented with rotational symmetry, cutting shapes from card, attaching the shapes to paper using split pins, they discovered the shaped card symmetrically rotated around the centre point, adding multiple identical parts stemming from the point. The children had lots of fun creating colourful images inspired from star fishes and flowers using this technique.

They also produced colourful creations with black card and coloured tissue paper inspired by rose window stained glass of which are often found in Gothic architecture.

After this, they then created colourful compositions using acetate, coloured paper and acrylics inspired by the American architect Frank Lloyd Wright’s geometric stained-glass art.

They also had fun creating colourful African inspired landscapes, experimenting with crystal paints to create fascinating effects, as the crystals exploded as they touched the paper when the children added water to their images.

The children concluded their morning by creating the art of paper marbling, we discovered this particular art is believed to have its origins in the Far East and brought to the country through the ancient silk road. They carefully created their colourful compositions, mesmerized by the technique and each individual creation.