Year 4 Informal Concert

Junior Informal Concerts are always delightful  and as we listen to the boys at this initial stage of their musical journeys we become excited at the thought of their musical promise being fulfilled in the years to come as they advance on their chosen instruments, or become inspired to take one up.

 The violinists made a beautiful sound, and it was especially good this time to have some of the lower range instruments on show- cello and trombone. The piano is always a good musical springboard and there are lots of wonderful budding pianists in this age range – some of whom have only had a few lessons; all played with aplomb and competence.   It was lovely to hear every boy in Year 4 playing the recorder and we enjoyed the novelty of a guitar duet. The concert ended with a traditional Japanese tune sung by the choir.

We look forward to the next one in the spring!