Year 3 and Year 4 Informal Concert

There was a rather special concert at Elstree School on Monday 8th May. All the Year 3 and 4 boys took to the stage to sing and play their way through an eclectic mix of music and songs. It was a very happy occasion and promising to see such talent at the grassroots.

Anybody feeling stressed-out would have been immediately hit with a wall of calm during the beautiful and religiously sounding “Totally Blessed” performed by the Year 4 recorder players. The Junior Choir gave a very encouraging rendition of “Listen to the Rain” (which had some beautiful singing from the soul), “Singing in the Bath” (which brought joy to our hearts) and the evergreen “Sailing” (which took us to a higher plain).

Other standout performances were Timothy on the bassoon with “Catchy Toon”, Cosmo on the trombone (Twinkle Twinkle), Alex A on the violin (Rondo), Alex G on the bassoon (Powerhouse), Gabriel on the violin (Caribbean Moonlight), Lachy on the saxophone (Nostalgia) and Henry on the violin (Gavotte).  Special mention must also be made of James and William who duetted on the cello and violin, respectively – we even got to hear it twice as the first time the cello tuning had slipped just before going on stage!

Many thanks to Mary Westley and Liz Collins for such a fantastic concert. Thanks to all the boys – you are all stars in the making so long as you keep practising and never quit.

I don’t know how this concert rated in relation to other ones but I felt extremely happy and proud of our boys. That’s what matters in the end – how the music makes you feel and if it lifts your spirits – then the magic has been sprinkled.