Year 3 visit the Hawk Conservancy


Year 3 was treated to an unforgettable day at the beautiful Hawk Conservancy in Andover.

Because of the calm, clean and orderly surroundings, one felt as if one was on a spiritual journey into the magical world of birds. There were tiny, cute owls, Peregrine falcons – the world’s fastest birds, the hilarious Secretary bird whose stamping on the head of the snake looked more like a ritual dance, the very majestic Egyptian vultures and Bald Eagles and the poor old vultures that get such a bad press but are so essential for the clearing up of dead animals.

The highlight of the day was, perhaps, the Wings of Africa Show, set against the backdrop of the African Savannah.

All of this and more on a beautiful summer’s day with wall-to-wall sunshine!

What did the pupils think?

“Best school trip ever!” (Olive C)

“It was cool to see the deadly birds.” (Osscar S-S)

“It’s really cool when the birds swoop over you in the arena.” (Aggie F)

“I love the way the birds stare at you.” (Gabriella A)

“The Secretary bird was my favourite.” (Roo K-B)

“The Tawny and Barn owls were my favourites.” (Evie A)

“The Masters of the Air Show was my favourite.” (Wilfred S)

“It was all amazing.” (Alex F)