Year 3 Visit a Hindu Temple

Year 3s took a trip into the world of Hinduism on Wednesday 29th April. For all the boys and girls present, this was their first trip to a Hindu Temple so you can imagine their excitement, bewilderment and curiosity at the sights, sounds and smells that confronted them. After removing our shoes, Pandit Anil Ji rang the huge bell to announce to the Hindu gods that we were entering the mandir. Pandit Anil gave us a very thought-provoking talk and emphasised the importance of respecting all people and animals but particularly your mother, father and teacher, in that order! He also reminded us that being kind to others would bring us good karma or good luck. After questions and answers we were able to look at the array of Hindu gods; all the favourites were there: Rama, Sita, Shiva, Krishna, Hanuman and Ganesh. Some of the children decided to say a prayer to the gods and we left the temple feeling refreshed, calm and slightly wiser!