Year 3 Trip to the Hawk Conservancy

This was a truly wonderful day at the Hawk Conservancy for Elstree Year 3 pupils.  If felt a somewhat spiritual event in as much as we were surrounded by beautiful, tranquil nature.  Moreover, we were able to witness a wide variety of birds from around the world. It’s sad to note that vultures have, in the last ten years, become endangered species simply because of the actions of certain poachers in Africa. The Hawk Conservancy tried their best to change our perception of vultures who usually get a bad press and I think they probably won us over!  The staff at the Hawk Conservancy were, as always, very courteous, knowledgeable and passionate about birds. Because of all this our children were well behaved and learnt a lot about this fantastic group of vertebrates.  Furthermore, it was exciting to be able to go on a School Trip again.