Year 3 Portals to the Past

Year 3 had an exciting trip back in time to the Second World War, courtesy of Carl Mitchley from the company Portals to the Past.

After a brief history of the war and some questions and answers the children tried their luck with wire buzzers, simulating the work of bomb disposal experts! In pairs, the pupils then made their way around the McMullen Hall, looking at various information boards, in order to answer lots more questions about the war (evacuees, Battle of Britain, America joins the war, women at war, etc.) Carl then spoke about rationing and what evacuees might carry in their suitcases. All of this was done through storytelling, games, real-life objects from the war (sometimes replicas) plus a good smattering of humour. Humour was, of course, one of the things that got us through the war.

In the afternoon, the children were treated to a spectacle of weapons from the war and also some army uniforms, some of which they tried on. Carl also spoke of the importance of good hygiene in the field and showed us a typical soldier’s wash kit, including bumf! We then tried our luck at codebreaking, Bletchley Park-style, and finally, and quite poignantly, found the fifth pig by folding a piece of paper in a special way!

The pupils’ costumes were the best ever and they posed so wonderfully in our photo session before the start of the workshop. Have a look at the photos to see how enthusiastic, happy and wonderful our pupils have been. Many thanks, of course, to our parents for kitting them out their children so brilliantly. A big thank you, too, to Carl Mitchley who brought the topic of World War Two alive and entertained us at the same time. What a wonderful and memorable day!