Year 3 Hindu Temple Trip

We were welcomed to Reading’s Hindu Temple by Dr Ashok Khare who is Chairman of the Temple (and also Head of Chemistry at Shiplake College).

On entering the Temple, we took off our shoes and were escorted up into the main prayer hall. This was a carpeted and tranquil space where we could listen to the wise words of our guide who spoke about the basics of Hinduism – the gods and goddesses, karma, reincarnation and the different paths that people take to reach God.

The four most important people in a child’s life are, in order of importance, mother, father, grandparents and teacher. Behind our host was a row of Hindu deities or statues, all dressed smartly and keeping a close eye on us! We asked a variety of questions and some of us got to water (feed) the statue of Lord Shiva. This was the object that looked like a large chocolate Easter egg.

At the end of the visit, we were all given an apple or banana before boarding the bus to return back to Elstree in time for buns and break.

What did the children think?

“I was surprised when a man came in to pray and he rang the large bell.” (Hermione)

“I learnt that all actions have consequences. You can make your own good energy by doing good deeds.” (William)

“It was really cool when he named all the Hindu gods. My favourites were Hanuman and Ganesh.” (Henry)

“I was surprised to learn that the temple was fairly similar to a church and that you must try to respect other people’s differences and similarities.” (Johnny)

“I enjoyed the patterns on the bars above the Hindu gods. They were amazing.” (Charlotte)

“I noticed that most of the gods had their right hand raised. Dr Ashok explained that they were trying to tell us to stop and think carefully before making decisions in our lives as all our actions have consequences.” (Henry)

“I noticed that the second statue of god Hanuman was made out of wax. Hanuman stands for wisdom, energy and bravery as well as love and intelligence. You can see why he’s such a popular god.” (Albie)

“I enjoyed pouring water over one of the Hindu gods.  Water that is poured over the gods becomes sacred.” (Johnny)