Year 3 Egyptian Day by Portals to the Past

On Wednesday 20th May each boy and girl in Year 3 dressed up in Egyptian costume or as an archaeologist. Portals to the Past, a splendid company that takes children back in time, led a range of activities in the morning that comprised maths, the handling of artefacts and also searching for clues.

In the maths activity pupils had to measure various distances using royal cubits, palms and fingers. In the artefact session, pupils got to handle precious artefacts from Egypt. The most memorable part of the day, however, was the mummification of the pharaoh after lunch. This included such gory details as drawing the brain out through the nostrils using a hook and then making an incision down the left hand side of the body in order to remove four internal organs.

Later on all children got involved in the funeral procession of the pharaoh. It was a day of colour, gruesome details, much excitement and lots of active learning. I am sure that this was one day that the children will remember for many years to come. CMS

 “I liked doing all the activities especially the Egyptian measuring and quizzes. The whole day taught me a lot about Ancient Egypt and it was a very fun day.” Killian McKay (3CMS)

“I loved doing it because it felt like we were actually in Ancient Egypt. I really enjoyed holding the mummy at the end.” Harry Latimer (3CMS)

“I loved the computer image of Tutankhamun and what he looks like today.” Jimmy Benyon (3CMS)

“My favourite part was the activities. The best one was the artefact one in the McMullen Hall because we got to handle real swords, the eye of Horus, an ankh and a gold statue of Anubis.” Sam Lloyd (3CMS)

“I liked the funeral at the end. Lots of people were VIPs, some played instruments and others carried the mummy.” Jack Anderson (3CMS)