The Year 3 & 4 Informal Concert

The Year 3 and 4 boys presented a varied and enjoyable programme for their Informal Concert . The Junior Choir (which all Year 3 and 4 boys take part in) sang the reflective song ‘The Osprey’ including 3 solo verses, all clearly delivered.  This was followed by the rousing old favourite, ‘Football Crazy’ which the boys loved singing and was very much in keeping with the games season.  It was even complete with a shot from Tommy!

Solos on the violin, guitar, saxophone, piano, voice and trumpet followed, with all performers playing with panache and confidence. The future looks exciting with this quality of talent coming up through the school.  Well done to all the boys.

Ben said  ‘liked doing the recorder- it was a bit challenging with some slow and some fast bits.’

William said  ‘I really enjoyed Football Crazy, especially when Tommy kicked the ball.’

Aki said ‘ I loved it when Henry did his violin.   He was really good and did it without music. ‘

Tommy and Alex said ‘Our favourite bits were when they did our solos.’