Year 3 & 4 Informal Concert

With Half-Term just inches away, the Long Room was filled with Year 3 and Year 4 and staff and parents… …and wonderful music on a sunny Spring morning.  There were 24 performances from 23 musicians, and it would be too much to mention each one, but there were some items that stood out for one reason or another, principally the last one, a ‘Tambourin’ of a dance played by Timothy on the bassoon. It was just as bouncy and rhythmical as the first time he played it when batting at number 8 in the order, but his mother was able to hear his second rendition and he performed his encore with aplomb.

 In fact, the next performance to mention was the penultimate one: Henry playing a ‘Concerto in G’ on the violin. He played from memory with great fluency and musicality, and for one so young, his mastery of the tuning of the violin was impressive.  Jules also played his viola with similarly accurate tuning, concluding ‘Viola Time’ with a delightful pizzicato note.

The drummers (William, Oscar and Harry) were as energetic and exciting as Elstree drummers always are, and we had a jazzy performance from Toby of a ‘Mexican Fiesta’ on the violin.

The more atmospheric items were played by Finlay on the piano (‘The Egyptian Level’), with adept use of the sustaining pedal and a haunting rendition of ‘Close Every Door’ by Oliver on the descant recorder.

Three ‘Drunken Sailors’ popped up in jaunty fashion at the beginning, middle and end of the concert from Laurence, Sebastian and Arthur, and Alex played a ‘Minuet’ on his bassoon with a dancing lilt, but he showed he could include contrast in his performance with a delicate central section. 

 I was taken back nearly 50 years to when I nervously performed the Bach ‘Menuet in G’ on the piano, played this morning by Nicky with verve and rhythm, unlike my error strewn performance as a 7-year-old!  I also remember playing ‘Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star’ at a similar age, but not as delicately as Sophie in a charming duet with Mrs Westley on the piano.

Elstree music is in fine fettle if the standard of music in Year 3 and Year 4 is so impressive, and we were sent on our way for Half Term with our feet tapping and a song in our hearts.