Year 2 Visit Windsor Castle

What an amazing day we had at Windsor Castle.  The children were greeted by the Captain of the Guard who escorted us to the Guard House where he allowed the children, and Mrs Langford-Thomas, to try on his bearskin.  He also showed us his regimental sword which is engraved with the battles the regiment has fought in.  Each officer in the regiment has one of these swords. 

The next stop was the workshop on armour.  We were extremely fortunate to have the workshop in the entrance to the State Rooms, an area where the general public are not usually allowed to go.  The children learnt about the roles and responsibilities of a page, squire and knight.  They had the opportunity to try on a varied selection of chainmail and plate armour.  The children were surprised at the weight of the armour.  There were also costumes from medieval times to try on. 

The afternoon was spent visiting the State Rooms including the Doll’s House, St George’s Chapel, The Great Hall and the Throne Room.  We were all amazed at the splendour and scale of the Castle and the wonderful displays of armoury.