Year 2 Visit Windsor Castle

As ever our trip to Windsor Castle had been a long awaited day for Year 2.   On arrival we all looked to see if the Royal Standard was flying, but sadly not.  However, this did not dampen our enthusiasm as we made our way to St George’s Chapel to look at the amazing stained glass windows and the colourful banners that hung in the chapel.

“My favourite bit was when we saw the portcullis and we went into a room that was all pink, it was called the Crimson Room.”  Harry

We suddenly heard music as we stood waiting for the Changing of the Guard and as we turned we saw the band marching towards us followed by the very smart soldiers dressed in grey. The children’s faces as they saw the parade and listened to the music which included a Stevie Wonder track, was delightful.

Our next adventure was having a lively talk by Nick, who was dressed in clothes of the day, dramatizing the history of the spear and sword. Tom and Jonty were only too keen to participate in a role play situation as were the staff, who were told they followed instructions impeccably!

                “I enjoyed listening to Nick telling us about all the swords. I liked the flat sword that could stab a big pig and it had a stopper to stop the sword going all the way in!”  Sophie

After lunch we were taken on a behind the scenes tour of the Guard Room where we talked to soldiers, saw the famous Bear Skins, looked at the uniform and saw where they slept.  As you can imagine the children were enthralled.  With special permission from the Lieutenant, the children were then taken up a winding staircase to the battlements outside, certainly not usually opened to the public.

                “We saw beds and the Bear Skins in the guard room and Lt Thorne told us about the different number of buttons on the soldiers’ coats.”  Toby

To complete our day we went to visit Queen Mary’s Dolls House and looked around the State Apartments. The children were impressed by the armour, the swords and even the amount of china that the Queen owns.

                “There were lots of shields with lots of colours on the ceiling of the Knight’s Room.”    James

As we walked around the castle we were all impressed with the features that the children were able to point out to us and the enthusiasm for the whole experience. It was a happy, but quiet journey home with a group of weary explorers.