Year 2 Visit to the Living Rainforest

Elstree Year 2 had a wonderful trip to the Living Rainforest.  The children have been learning all about the rainforest and the children were keen to tell our guide all about the different layers of the rainforest and share what they knew about the equator. Our guides were extremely knowledgeable and told us all sorts of interesting facts. We all searched for the sloth, there were a couple of unconfirmed reports of movement in the branches, but Cinnamon remained elusive for another year!

The children loved looking at the creatures on show. The vivid blue coloured dart frogs and the brightly coloured Emerald Tree Boa were amazing. The turtles and tortoises entertained us, the Dwarf Caiman were rather shy, and the toucan flew about and ate some fruit with his huge beak.

We looked at some of the plants and were amazed at the size, colours and shapes of many of the leaves. Our guides explained about the drip tip.

The humid heat of the glasshouses was a great experience of what it feels like in the rainforest and it was then rather cool when we ventured out of the forest at the end of our trip. A great day had by all.

What did the children think?

“The dart frogs were one of my favourite colours.” – Beatrice, 2B

“I liked the Goeldi’s monkeys. They were sweet.” – Isabelle, 2ON