Year 2 trip to Windsor Castle

As we walked to the Castle we could hear the sound of a military band signalling that the changing of the guard was about to happen. Fortunately we were just in time to see the ceremony and were most impressed by the precision of the marching and the wonderful uniforms.  Throughout the day, the children took great delight in identifying features of a castle that they had learnt about during their classwork, including murder holes, the keep and arrow slits. 

A workshop gave the children the opportunity to learn more about the roles of a page, squire and knight and to find out about the Knights of the Garter. We admired their wonderful banners in King George’s Chapel and learnt that currently there are only 22 knights although the monarch can have up to 24.  There was fierce competition amongst the children as to who would be most worthy of the remaining places!

The day was full of wonders including Queen Mary’s dolls’ house and the State Apartments with their displays of weaponry and armour including spirals of pistols and the suit of plate armour worn by King Henry VIII. We were fascinated to learn that the castle is full of secret passageways and doors which allow the staff to reach all rooms without disturbing the royal family and their visitors during state occasions.  Our visit to the world’s oldest, largest inhabited castle was a great success; we all wondered what William the Conqueror who first built the castle 940 years ago would make of it today.