Year 2 Trip to The Living Rainforest

There was great excitement in Year 2 as the coach pulled away on our trip to The Living Rainforest in October. Since the start of our topic, the children have been learning all about the different layers, animals and plants in the Rainforest ready to experience it all for real on our adventure. The children were amazed at the humidity and the heat which met us as soon as we entered the greenhouses. ‘I liked it because we felt like we were in the real Rainforest,’ said Oscar Pritchard.

We were immediately bombarded with Amazonian sounds, smells and sights as our lovely guide Holly took us on our journey. We met the beautiful and greedy toucans; Martha and Hopper, and learnt how they heated up their honeycomb beaks in the sun and then popped them under their wings to keep them warm at night like a hot water bottle.

‘When I saw the toucan its beak was really long and colourful,’ observed Alfie Hamilton-Shaw.

‘I saw the sloth, the rainbow crab and the fat lizard and I really enjoyed them as they were very interesting,’ remarked Arthur Ward as we travelled through the different layers in the greenhouses, getting hotter and hotter as we walked up to the emergent layer. We were very lucky to spot Cinnamon the sloth lounging in the rooftop branches as she’s usually incredibly elusive. One of the children thought they even saw her scratching!

Ludo Dale-Jones said, ‘When we walked in it was very hot and humid. We heard the hissing cockroaches when they were being fed.’

The Living Rainforest have recently opened a new water-based section and we were amongst the first school groups to see the mud skippers who are like prehistoric lizards, breathing enough oxygen to allow them to survive up to four days. Tolly Webster liked the tortoises that ‘were very big!’

Year 2 asked and answered lots of interesting questions and learnt many new facts for our topic – it really was a great experience for all.