Year 2 Trip To The Living Rainforest

After a blustery start to the day, the sun shone on Year 2 for our trip to The Living Rainforest. We were very excited to travel on a ‘big coach’ and arrived in time for the tour with our guide, Bob. The theme of the day was Rainforest Adaptation and once we had acclimatised to the humidity we toured all three areas looking at different plants, animals and insects of the various layers of the rainforest.

One of our first encounters was Luigi – the Yellow Knobbed Curacao – a large black and white bird with an amazing curly crest who was roaming free and showing off to us! A firm favourite was Harry the Armadillo who came out to play and dig just as we were watching. “Harry was digging to find food (Tom Utley)”.

As ever, Cinnamon the sloth evaded us – “we were looking out for the sloth (Czedale Brown)” – but whist looking for her in the canopy layer, we saw baby bananas and leant that these are giant herbs. In the afternoon, the children took great care over sketching their favourite plants and animals, particularly the blue poison dart frogs and the stingrays. “I liked the turtles swimming in the big tank with the fish and stingrays (Sophie Payne)” and “I liked the dart frogs because they eat poisonous plants (Caspar Williams)”.

 New to the Living Rainforest is Storm – a Philippine Water Monitor – who was enjoying the attention of the children and revelling in the limelight.

Our Rainforest topic continues to be very popular and this trip was a huge success.