Year 2 Football Tournaments

One of the highlights of Year 2 is always the football tournaments at the end of the Lent Term.  This year proved no exception as weeks of anticipation and eager practice in the PE lessons culminated in, first, the London Schools tournament at which we were joined by children from Knightsbridge, Merlin and Orchard House schools and, a couple of days later, the Junior Soccer Festival.

The London Schools Tournament took place on Bates as the pitches were rather water logged.  All of the matches were played with lots of friendly rivalry and the teams were evenly matched.  Sadly, the clement weather did not last long and it started to rain shortly before the end of the competition. Despite seeking whatever shelter we could find in the hope that the rain would cease, it quickly became apparent that we were being too optimistic and Mr Bates took the sensible decision that we should all retire for a cup of tea and some cake.  Despite this, all of the children had played in several games and had thoroughly enjoyed their afternoon.  It was also the perfect opportunity for some last minute ‘fine tweaking’ of tactics prior to the main tournament on the Wednesday.

The Junior Soccer Festival saw 20 teams gathering for the knock out competition.  The Elstree pitches were full of excited children and looked extremely colourful with all of the different team shirts, proudly worn by the boys and girls.  For many children it was their first taste of competitive football and what better introduction to matches?  Our Year 7 and 8 boys made wonderful guides for the visiting teams and helped with the refereeing of the matches.  Several parents commented on their good manners and the lovely way in which they encouraged their young charges.

Throughout the matches, the children were full of enthusiasm and sustained impressive levels of energy as they ran around tirelessly.  Everyone played seven matches and, at the end, were all convinced that they had scored one of the best goals of the tournament or had been the key defender!