Year 1 Trip to Rushall Farm

Year 1 had a wonderful trip to Rushall Farm today. They were kept busy by learning about all aspects of farming life but particular favourites were the tractor ride, feeding the chickens and collecting their eggs.

Mrs Phippen wrote: “Year One had such an exciting start to the week. Monday began with a community walk around the school grounds. Soon after this, we set off to the farm! It felt extra special having Mrs Kidd and Mrs Robertson drive the school minibuses. When we arrived at Rushall Farm, we had to walk through two huge sponges to disinfect our wellies!

First of our activities was a bumpy tractor ride! We had such fun spotting the wildlife and looking out over the green fields. We even saw two horse riders who waited patiently for us to pass. When we arrived at the farm, we all carefully got off the tractor. We were lucky enough to see some sheep. Ollie learnt the fact that ‘the red mark on the sheep means they are having one baby.’ 

Next, the class visited the chicken coops where they had great fun feeding the chickens and collecting eggs. The farmer explained how the eggs are made and the shells are formed inside the mummy’s tummy. We found it interesting to see how the eggs were different in size and colour, some even speckled. Rufus was amazed that ‘chickens can lay blue eggs!’ 

Before tucking into our yummy packed lunches, we listened to a story all about bees. Beetle learnt that ‘bees dance’ as a way of communicating. 

Just before we went home, we were taught all about field to plate and the children sorted some different pictures of crops and the food they produce. There were a few surprises so it was a little trickier than the children first expected!

It was a wonderful day and we look forward to returning next year. When asked what she most enjoyed, Iris exclaimed ‘I loved everything!’