Year 1 and 2 go den building in Plantation

Elstree Year 1 and 2 were hugely excited to receive an invitation from Mr Attwood and Mr Bates to join them in Plantation for some den building. Happy memories of the Reception Activity Day flooded back.

Year 1 and 2 den building

First, Mr Attwood introduced everyone to their half-built den. He explained that they had tied two long branches to a tree, then created the walls and roof with branches and twigs. The finishing touch was spreading leaves and small twigs all over the den to make it water tight(ish).

Working in teams of six

The Pre-Prep children were then divided into teams of six.  Mr Attwood and Mr Bates had already started the dens by tying two branches to a tree for us. There was much discussion about the best places to collect wood from, and huge enthusiasm to find and carry the largest and heaviest branches.

The children found some logs to use as seats inside the den. An abandoned fire place provided some charcoal and a name plate was made. Time flew as it always does when you are having fun.  All too soon the finishing call came. We joined as one large group and each team had a chance to show their den to their friends and explain any special features.

It was a really enjoyable afternoon. Massive thanks to Mr Attwood and Mr Bates for all their hard work, their patience and their enthusiasm.

What some of Years 1 and 2 had to say about den building

Reuben and Raphaella  in Year 2: “We liked looking around and exploring the woods.”

Akinniran in Year 2:  “I liked that we were altogether.”

Harriet in Year 2:  “I liked sitting inside our den.”

Gabriella in Year 1: “I think we are going to make the best den I’ve ever seen!”

Annabelle in Year 1: “Look, our den has windows! I love it.”

And our favourite comment from the day

Theo in Year 1: “Don’t just stand there, get some leaves!”