Elstree World Workshops start in the Pre-Prep

Elstree Pre-Prep are delighted to have completed their first cycle of ‘World Workshops’. Mrs Bond, the Head of Pre-Prep, wanted to offer the children at Elstree something additional to the experiences and learning opportunities provide by the ‘standard’ curriculum. To this end, she has launched some World Workshops for the children to take part in each term.

Our theme “The Environment”

Inspired by the Earthshot awards, the theme for this term was The Environment. The topic was launched in the Pre-Prep assembly with Mrs Bond reading the book “10 things I can do to help my world” by Melanie Walsh. As a result, this provided the children with ten practical and simple things they could do to make a difference to their planet. The children left full of ideas about how to make a change. For instance, they thought about whether to turn out the light as they left the classroom.  Or should they use both sides of paper to draw on, or maybe turn the tap off whilst brushing their teeth?

Nursery create compost bins

Following the assembly, each class took part in a small workshop with Mrs Bond. It was Nursery’s turn first and they helped to create a compost bin by the Pre-Prep gardens. The children went into each class collecting their fruit peelings and mixed it with leaves from the grounds. The children all helped to roll the compost bin to mix it together! They have enjoyed going back to check on it to see if it has turned into compost yet!

Reception make bird feeders

It was then Reception’s turn to make bird feeders. Mrs Bond talked to the children about why this was important to do, and the children thought about the weather in the winter and how it might affect the birds in our school grounds and our gardens. The children worked in pairs to pour seeds, crushed biscuit cones and stale Pom Bears into their mixing bowls. They then used their hands to mix it into a wonderful bird cake with lard. Mrs Bond talked to the children about food waste and where it goes once we put it in the bin. The children were excited not to waste the old food, but instead give it to the birds. Consequently, they have all hung their bird feeders on the tree outside their classroom so that they can watch the Elstree birds feeding on them. 

Years 1 and 2 get weeding and planting

Finally, it was time for Year 1 and Year 2. These children helped Mrs Bond to do some weeding and planting. We have a lovely Pre-Prep Garden containing a pond and five raised beds. These planting areas have been a little neglected of late, so the children went out in their classes with trowels and forks and dug up the old roots and dead plants. Once the weeds had been removed, the children enjoyed digging holes to plant tulip and daffodil bulbs. They are looking forward to seeing them bloom in the Spring and hope they will help the Elstree bees and other insects!


Throughout the projects, the children worked wonderfully as a team, helping one another outside the classroom. All took the activities very seriously and felt proud that they were making a difference. Many children talked about wanting to take their ideas home.  Furthermore, it was a delight to hear our youngest children showing passion and enthusiasm towards our planet and making a difference.

We are excited to continue our workshops next term and hope to build links with local communities and charities. We are sure the children will really enjoy these themes, and that they help to broaden the values of the children at Elstree.