World Book Day Fun at Elstree School

Hobgoblin Theatre Company performed ‘The Unusual Adventures of Robin Hood’ on Tuesday February 28th as part of  Elstree School’s World Book Day celebrations.
It was a great and lively performance with all the classic characters in a new and comic adventure. It was an innovative and fabulous way to look at reworking stories  – the boys had a lot of fun watching it. 
William, Year 6 commented, “It was really cool how they performed it with a cast of just three people, they changed their costumes really fast.”
Luca, Year 6 said, “It was very well acted and they made us laugh a lot.’
World Book Day activities will continue across the curriculum throughout the week, and has  included:  boys choosing World Book Day books, a closer look at comic strip writing, a poetry workshop with poet Tony Chan and taking part in a design competition called ‘Oodles of Doodles.’