Working together in teams

Our Years 3 to 8 started the new term with gusto as they energetically undertook their Team Building exercises.  Set to encourage pupils to work together and communicate in different ways, they were split in to teams, and asked to come up with a Team ‘name’.

The names were highly creative – Men in Blue, Kongs, Phantom Whippy and Black Mountain. And every team had a strong rationale for choosing their name. While they completed their tasks, Staff observed their communication skills, team work, inclusiveness and collaboration. They demonstrated a calm, supportive and kind approach. In some instances, it was suggested they work in silence, which prompted alternative means of communication through gestures and movement.

Exercises included marching in time to a Royal March: orienteering with maps around school: navigating through tyres: using string to create shapes: and being blind-folded and working collaboratively to move through shapes and space.

From their enthusiasm and huge grins on their faces, it was evident that a fun and successful morning was had by all. Here are what some of the children had to say:

“It was so much fun. We got into a bit of a muddle with our pyramid. 3CMK won the pyramid competition in the end.” Eddie and Josh 

“We lined up in alphabetical order and then in age order. This second one was trickier.” Henry and Thomas 

“It was good for our fitness and I enjoyed working as a team to play the North, South, East, West game.” Sophie 

“It was tiring running around the school and waiting for your team, but fun.” Monty 

“It was fun matching the patterns and using the clicker.” Jonty 

“I learnt how to read a map.” Hugo 

“I enjoyed the string challenge creating shapes, it involved a lot of teamwork  and everybody got to be included.” George 

“I enjoyed the water spilling challenge because it involved silent communication.” Max 

“I really liked the variety of tasks with lots of moving around.” Calvin 

“I enjoyed climbing up to the tyres and jumping back down the quickest as I can.” Laurence 

“I liked the team building as it was really fun and I was with my friends.” Finlay 

“I enjoyed the start of tasks as they were all in silence, I liked the challenge. Being outside and doing fun activities was great!” Alex 

“I enjoyed to get to know the different team names as they were ridiculously creative.” Arthur 

“I enjoyed creating a movement with my team.” Alfie 

“We got to talk to other people we do not usually talk to as this is what Mr Inglis talked about in assembly.” Oscar