Winners of Waste Week

Elstree is a multi-award winning Eco School, having won the prestigious Green Flag award twice.

The latest eco initiative undertaken involved dining tables being challenged to eat everything on their plates for a week; the objective being not to leave anything to waste. Any waste left, was then weighed, and the table with the least amount, won.

Today, we are proud to announce that the winners of this term’s Waste Week were (drum roll, please), Mr Dimbleby’s table in the Pre-Prep.  They managed to generate only 0.528g of waste over the entire week. Congratulations!

Meanwhile, in the Prep School, the winners were Mr Baxter’s table, who successfully wasted nothing – 0g of waste: a truly inspiring and staggering achievement. 

More than anything, the exercise has taught our pupils the importance of taking sensible portions and ensuring they eat everything on their plate.  Put in to perspective, one table generated a whopping 4.826kg of waste over the week.

To learn more about our multi-award winning Eco Committee, click here.