Winners of the F.D. Lucas History Prizes

The winners of the F.D. Lucas History prizes were announced last week.  They were chosen from our years 3 to 7, as the projects are researched and developed over the summer holidays, meaning our Year 8 has left.

This year, our winners really let their imaginations go, and all unearthed astounding facts using local resource. They were Sergey, Harry and Torren.

Sergey’s idea focused on: “Who was the real Robin Hood?” His motivation came from a castle in his home country of Cyprus. His report was deemed “very informative and insightful.”

Harry chose to uncover his story during his annual holiday to Slapton Sands. His research on the The D-Day Preparations in Slapton Sands, and Operation Tiger “made  good use of resources and a local historian.”

While Torren’s research enabled him to cover the story of ‘Antonio del Pinta’, a 12 year old boy killed by shrapnel when mistaken for a German soldier in a field in Italy.  His project covered the memorial held near the villa Torren was staying in. He even managed to speak to one of Antonio’s ancestors. His entry was viewed as “quite an emotional project.”

Subject matters/topics for the F. D. Lucas history prizes can include local history, a hero/villain, a turning-point or individual influence – which could be a friend or relative. Some of our pupils are inspired by a summer holiday destination or trip, while others acquire knowledge from a library, local person or grandparent.

Pupils can produce a short documentary about their topic or place, or use Lego to reenact a historical scene. Alternatively, they can get together with friends to recreate a moment in history.

The bar was set very high this year with an impressive array of entries. Well done everyone for all their hard work, and congratulations to our winners.