Wind in the Willows

A cast of nearly 70 boys took to the stage in a riot of fur and whiskers for our production of The Wind in the Willows.  Every boy sang, danced and acted brilliantly in this tale of friendship, adventure and fun.  We met a mischievous Mr Toad, a curious Mole, a laid back Ratty, an energetic Otter and a wise old Badger on a stage filled with colour and life – and it was a perfect way to enter Spring.  Ah, Spring! Plotting was done by weasels and stoats; vain squirrels sang in bright waistcoats; cute rabbits munched; voles danced; mice scampered and a collection of madcap human characters completed the merry bunch.  It was a fantastic show made possible by a large team of helpers and volunteers, and the boys were simply outstanding.  Well done all!