Why it’s brilliant boarding

Boarding at Elstree can be so busy (as you’ll see from the Lent Term’s time-table below)!  During the week, there’s a host of exciting and unusual activity to choose from. This can be anything from fencing, film-making and Hama Beads, to art and crafts, chess and Scalextric.

For once, our boarders had a quieter weekend. Mr Owens held a quiz in the Long Room on Saturday night, and then Mrs Lavoipierre commandeered a gentle stroll through the grounds in the winter sun. This was followed with some R&R on phones and computers, and then a surge of energy release during Nerf wars in the Sports Hall.

After lunch on Sunday, everyone bundled into the minibuses and headed into Newbury to see “Spies in Disguise”.  Then back in time for supper, the usual evening routine of learning spellings and swotting up on General Knowledge took place for the week ahead.










Filmmaking (AJP)

Sandersons Nerf Wars (TDW)

Table Tennis (LAB)

U11 Cricket (LJO)

Mrs Kidson’s Pick ‘N’ Mix (CMK)

Game 1 Cricket (BJC)

Premier League Table Football (PNS)

Capture the Flag (FAW)

Fencing (CSB)

Touch Rugby (AWP)

Card Games (AMG)

Fighting Fit (CSB)

Countdown Club (SLA)

The ‘Inedibles’ Cooking Club (SCA)

Hama Beads (EG)

3 P’s (JRB)

Sudoki/Origami/Chess (PAS)

Torchlight Games (CLP)

‘Open to All’ Cricket (JCM)

M-Tech (MPW)

Judo (CMS)

Art & Crafts (JWS)


Challenge Club (AJB)

Scalextric (PJL)




AWP Games (AJB)