Welly Wanging Inter House Competition

According to Oxford Languages ‘Top Banana’ means ‘the most important person in an organisation or activity.’  To Elstree, Top Banana is the fun part of our Inter House Competition, hosted by one of the House Teams. There is always a winner, only in year group teams, rather than individually, and the points go towards the House Cup. 

Inter House Competition Teams at Elstree

When children join Elstree, they automatically join one of the School Houses – North, East, South or West.  Aside from Top Banana, pupils participate in a variety of academic, music and sport competitions throughout the year,  and the winner of the most points is crowned House Champion at the end of the summer term.

Yesterday’s Welly Wanging

It was South House’s turn to host Top Banana yesterday and they chose the ever-popular Welly Wanging challenge. The sun shone brightly over Elstree amid a backdrop of clear blue skies, and the competition was fierce.  

Working in year group bubbles, each House took up position to toss the welly as far as they could. With tension mounting – you could cut the atmosphere with a knife – wellies were thrown, tossed, launched and dropped to varying degrees of success. 

While some wellies flew several metres from the starting line, others merely flopped a few centimetres.

With sporting fixtures cancelled throughout the country, Welly Wanging was welcomed by all, particularly within its bucolic setting.

And the winners were (drum roll, please)…

After the scores were counted and verified, we can reveal the much anticipated results are as follows:

1st – West

2nd – South

3rd – North

4th – East

Huge congratulations to West House for coming first, and a big thank you to Mrs Kidson – Head of Girls and Head of South – and Staff, for hosting such a refreshingly fun, engaging and entertaining Top Banana.

Earning stars for KitKats

Any old Elstree pupil will fondly reminisce about earning stars for Kitkats. Each week, pupils are awarded stars for achieving academic distinctions, and/or commendations for acts of kindness, helpfulness and consideration – important values rooted in Elstree.

The stars contribute to Inter House Competition points.  The individual, Year Group and House Team, to be awarded the most stars that week, earns a KitKat. You won’t be surprised to learn that this is an extremely popular tradition, and queues can be very long.